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Weightless City
Type Architectural Journal Entry
Location New York City, USA
Collaborators Kate Jiranek and William Smith
Year 2014
This project was an entry for Bracket, an architectural journal published annually that collects open source work and ideas curated by a selected jury. The theme put forward by the publication was: Bracket Takes Action, which asked contributors to consider design’s role in the public realm.  

Our proposal asked the questions: what if a city could be a canvas for displaying information? Or how can a city engage its population by creating a public dialogue about a range of issues? The project proposes a series of hot air balloons which use exhausted building heat to float above the city and project holographic imagery onto the streets below. The imagery could be political, social, environmental, or even humorous in nature, but all with the common goal of creating a discourse in the streets below.

Our project centered around four themes: awareness, comparison, involvement, and inspiration as vehicles to display specific topics. For the purposes of the proposal, we showed a group of examples ranging from city planning to sea level rise. Our project was not chosen for the publication by the jury.

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