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Type Competition
Prize Second Place
Location US/Mexico Border
Collaborators Josie Baldner and Hiroshi Kaneko
Year 2016
Press Business Insider

This competition brief was introduced in 2016 during the controversy surrounding the United States/Mexico Border Wall and the US presidential election. The proposal looks at themes of destigmatizing the Border by creating a peaceful and functional landscape. The landscape would be a single national park that is shared by the United States and Mexico, with all the provisions and services of an existing park like regulations, staffing, campgrounds, hiking trails, etc. 

The zone of the park undulates as it moves from West to East, getting smaller where it approaches cities or existing municipalities, and getting larger in less populated areas. Because no physical wall would exist, animals would be able to cross freely, habitats would be restored, and people could use the park for recreation such as camping and hiking. The park would employ rangers from both sides and is estimated to cost much less than a physical wall.

The proposal’s title, Doxa, is a Greek word meaning something that is accepted without proper thought or consideration, therefore the idea of border or nation in general is a concept fabricated by humans. The narrative is told from the perspective of a small child in the future when only remnants of a physical border remain. The child is curious about the concept of “border,” “division,” and even “nation,” as these concepts are no longer considered in a society where no wall exists to separate the two countries.

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